Nie potrzeba wprowadzenia. Po prostu obejrzyjcie. 22 minuty, warto.

Dilli’ is a multiple-award winning documentary that has played in over 50 international film festivals across North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

In this city, a dream is born everyday.
Simple dreams.
Patient dreams.

Millions of people across India leave behind their homes and families, in the hope of finding a better life in Delhi. Completing 100 years as the capital of modern India, Delhi today stands at the crossroads of time. Among the fastest growing cities in the world, this is also the city that is home to India’s second largest slum population.

As Delhi straddles through its different worlds, Dilli tells the story of this city, as seen through very different eyes. Shot in the heart of this bustling megapolis, Dilli finds its storytellers in the men, women and children who are the invisible hands that continue to build this city of dreams.
Directed by: Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh
Camera: Sushmit Ghosh
Editing: Rintu Thomas
Sound Design: Pratik Biswas
Music: Wes Freeman, Ishaan Chhabra, IP Singh (Menwhopause)
Black and White photography: Sayan Dutta
Graphics: Ashutosh Guru
Production Manager: Pulkita Parsai
Art: Rhea D’souza

Produced by: Black Ticket Films and Robin Raina

A Black Ticket Films Production, 2011

For more information about this film, contact blackticketfilms[at]gmail[dot]com



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