Wybory po zamachu w Mumbaju.

Właśnie otrzymałem list, skierowany do wszystkich pracowników Technopaku od naszego szefa i założyciela firmy. Wysłany w związku z zamachami i jutrzejszymi wyborami w Delhi.

Pozwolę go sobie wkleić w całości, bo dobrze obrazuje miarę złości, zawodu i smutku, jakie ten zamach sprowokował.

Aravind Singhal jest na co dzień bardzo spokojnym, dojrzałym i pogodnym mężczyzną. W jego liście kilka zdań i określeń jest zapewne niepotrzebnych, także dość jednoznaczne wyrażanie swoich politycznych poglądów może razić, ale składam to na karb emocji. Jeśli chcecie wiedzieć, co teraz czują Indusi, to w dużej mierze ten list to oddaje.

Dear Colleagues,

I believe I would be right in mentioning that the tragic events of the last two days at Mumbai would have left all of us dumbstruck, worried, frustrated, and angry. Dumbstruck we are with the sheer audacity of the terrorists, worried we are about the well being of our friends and relatives in Mumbai and indeed about the well being of India and all Indians themselves, frustrated we are with the increasing frequency of such attacks on our very right to live a peaceful and optimistic existence in India, and angry we are with the sheer ineptitude of our political system that throws up such visionless, thick-skinned, shameless, spineless and self-interest serving scoundrels and even puts many of them in positions that make us cringe each time we think about them. For me, in these last two days, the disgust was complete when I saw our spineless Prime Minister trying to address the nation in his squeaky timid voice, the visionless and intellect less Sonia Gandhi trying hard to look concerned about India while she has done everything possible to destroy India’s growth dreams by political compromises of the worst type just to stay in power in these last 4+ years of the UPA coalition, and the rabble rousing octogenarian fanatic L.K. Advani preaching about being firm with Jaswant Singh right next to him (some of us will remember that the same clipped-accented pseudo intellectual then foreign minister personally escorted some of India’s worst terrorists to Kandahar in exchange of some hostages while the self-styled iron-man was the then home minister).

In this background, when Delhi goes to elections tomorrow, it is understandable that some of us may decide to stay at home when presented with this Hobson’s choice regarding the options for casting our vote. However, if we do not exercise even this very fundamental right (to vote), our politicians would have succeeded in taking away even this very hard-fought right from us. Vote we must tomorrow, even if the choices being presented to us do not inspire confidence or respect. As we all understand, the current electoral system will end up throwing a winner even if most of us who consider ourselves intelligent and informed refrain from casting a vote. Just one vote will be enough to make a candidate a winner if no one else votes!

Your decision regarding who to vote for is entirely your personal choice and must always remain so. However, perhaps this time, you may wish to reflect a bit harder on who to give your vote too. I will certainly be looking first at the caliber of the candidates being put up by the two really national parties (Congress and BJP) before selecting any one of them. While I would have loved to look beyond these two parties, I believe one of the biggest problems that India’s political system faces today is the fragmentation that has thrown up all kinds of monsters (Mulayam and Amar Singh, Bal Thackeray and others for instance), principle-less (like Ajit Singh, Deve Gowda and others) and buffoons (like Raj Thackeray and Prakash Karat) etc. The coalition politics has the potential to further damage India and hence, at least in my view, the nation needs a very strong two-party system.

I do hope that you will exercise your right to vote tomorrow, and will encourage others to do so too.


Na gorąco trwają analizy, ja się ich nie podejmuję. Może jak to wszystko się skończy.



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